New Hope Inc. provides high-frequency software for working on financial, currency and crypto markets. Our mission is to create the most comfortable conditions for the client. Therefore, starting from 2014, automatic streams of quick quotes from our servers are included in the set. Currently, the company provides New Hope MT4, New Hope MT5, New Hope CrypTOP, New Hope Clicker. More about them you can read on their pages.

But let's talk a little about arbitration and how we met. New Hope Inc. in 2013, began developing software for trading on Forex. The task was to find a strategy that is maximally profitable and at the same time with minimal risks. Our research led us to arbitration.As it turned out, this strategy began to be used from the inception of markets. Then, having previously all information on the current situation of the army in the war, you could earn a fortune on food stocks, companies, factories. So the main task was to get information before others. Used post pigeons, which are much faster than a person getting to the place. Then they switched to telegraphs.

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As a result, delivery costs have decreased to fractions of a second and several factors play a key role: the speed at which information is received (price change) and its processing to start trading. This was the focus. As a result of development, testing and optimization, we received the first high-quality product, it inspired us with the hope of earning a stable and a lot. So we called it New Hope EA. As a result, everything was confirmed and we decided to create a more advanced and high-quality product together with customers and started selling.

At the moment, the company has evolved from a regular club of interest traders into a full-fledged company that develops and promotes software for high-frequency trading. We try to cover all the directions of this type of trade.
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