A group of several traders starts developing software for trading on Forex. The task was to find a strategy that is maximally profitable and at the same time with minimal risks. Our research led us to arbitration. A trading robot for the Meta Trader 4 platform was developed. We began to actively trade with our product, removing super-profits from our accounts.fore trading to avoid possible problems or losses !!!


We conducted several PAMM-accounts for those who wished, where they earned 200% of profit for a few days. More and more people began to write to us on mail and in skype in order to get our robot. Long thinking, it was decided to start sales in order to create a community with which we maximally improve our development. A forum was launched on the site and further development of strategies, advisers and others began.


The year was very busy in the trade. We have mastered earnings with the help of rebates from accounts. The main task was to create a centralized distribution of quotations, as Lmax tightened the conditions for opening real accounts and the quality of receipt of ticks decreased. Everything was successfully implemented.


Developed Feed under the Rithmic API, a large number of updates were issued for the locking transactions.


Several robots have been developed for third-party strategies, later for use in semi-manual mode. Created AutoClicker as a separate program for trading on binary options and other trading platforms.


We returned to further development for other platforms. We upgraded the server hardware globally, and transferred it to Linux. Connected new fast streams. AutoClicker has been transferred to the New Hope MT4 / MT5 and is part of the Feed program. Added a huge amount of functionality due to accumulated experience. There are developments in a certain direction that will allow traders to move to a new level. But while this is a mystery)