Hello. This is an interim trading report.
You are constantly asking us what's the plus strategy for Hidden. We publish report where you trade in arbitration for 5 weeks already. Broker with 1:20 leverage for CFD. Broker with FCA regulation. We will publish such reports once a week.

Hello. New Hope Inc. I am pleased to announce the publication of a new, small, update for New Hope MT4 and MT5 4.6.1

The update is of a technical nature, since the main changes were the alignment of quotations during trading. We have thoroughly studied the issue of trade between futures and indices and came to the conclusion that the initial AutoOffSet is not enough for an adviser to trade for a long time without interventions. This is due to the difference in price movements when opening and closing trading exchanges. And also with a number of brokers who change liquid providers at different trading sessions or data sources.

Also, to combat such price changes, the broker should turn on minimal Impulse, since it will not allow entering just at the difference of quotations, but will only force signals with a powerful impulse from a fast supplier of quotes.

All updates were sent to our customers by mail. If you have not received the update, then contact the support in any way possible.

All successful trading!

Hello. New Hope Inc. I am pleased to announce the beginning of a big discount on all products of the company. A 20% discount will be valid from April 24 to May 15.

Since autumn 2013, we have been actively developing and optimizing the advisor. We started to earn good money from trading and conducted trading on PAMM accounts for those who want it. By the beginning of spring, there were so many interested people that it was decided to start selling the product in order to optimize it.

And on April 22, 2014 (exactly 5 years ago), our team launches sales of the first New Hope EA trading product for the Meta Trader 4 terminal. This was a one-page website where myfxbook trading reports and a description of the product with its earning potential were presented.

Many years have passed since that moment, and we continue to develop and create new products, exceeding customer expectations. At the moment we have more than 15 products. We also made our VDS and VPS for HFT trading.

We also see your constant requests to try the product before you make a purchase. Therefore, it was decided to make a test period on the third-generation robot New Hope Test for Meta Trader 4. A stream Lmax api will be connected to it. Anyone can leave their requests to the support service.