New Hope Clicker - This is a program for clicking buttons in any platform and browser. The computational basis of the program is in the adviser for Meta Trader 4. It is very difficult to write software for various trading platforms. Many do not have the functionality to do this, but almost everyone has the OneClick button. Therefore, it was decided to switch to a program with a click-on-signal function. Our clients use the program for trading on web-trader, binary options and other trading platforms.

Free-cycle work and competent work with tics helped us create 2 options for receiving signals:

- by the discrepancy between the price of the quotation provider and the mt4 broker.

- on the price change for a short period of time.

Now from version 1.2 it is possible to receive signals from two strategies at once.

Flexible settings allow you to select the conditions for signals with the utmost precision for both strategies. Also there is a function of the back entrance, if you know that a sharp spike is possible.

The program allows you to work simultaneously with 6 trading tools for buying and selling. If you have experience with Meta Trader 4, then setting up and running the trade will not take longer than 5-7 minutes. Below you can see the instructions for installing the Expert Advisor and setting the markers for the click.

At the request of potential customers, we shot a separate video, where we put New Hope EA and New Hope Clicker on one Meta Trader 4. They have absolutely identical settings and enter both by the price difference. The logs of the platform show that the difference in the request for opening deals is 5-20 ms, which is very fast for this type of program.

The price for the program is $ 300 and the majority of customers pay for it within a few days.