New Hope Crypto is a high-frequency trading robot working on arbitrage strategy. The trading advisor receives quotes from the supplier (automatically comes from our servers) and, with a large discrepancy between the price and the broker, opens deals. Due to the fact that we know where the price will go - trade, comes down to the correct setting of the adviser and good trading conditions at the broker. New Hope Crypto was developed based on New Hope EA.

The product consists of two parts: the adviser for MT4, MT5 and the quotation distribution server. The quotation distribution server is a multi-flow program that sends quick quotes to advisors. Currently, crypto exchanges are coming to a new stage of systematization. This means that large volume suppliers are the first to receive information on price changes, and then the price leveling on other brokers.

In the fourth generation of the adviser, the cycle system was reworked, which greatly reduced the load on the server, added retention and control functions for relatively quick quotes, developed an automatic correction of quotes during trading and much more.

Spreads on crypto currency pairs are gradually decreasing, which means there will be even more signals according to classical arbitration.

For all, the owner of the products New Hope EA MT4, MT5, cTrader price is $ 300.

When buying, you get the adviser New Hope Crypto and the automatic flow of fast suppliers. You can simultaneously trade in any number of brokers on one computer or vps without hardware bindings. Our support will always help solve any of your questions.

Variants of offers and equipment

  MetaTrader 4  MetaTrader 5  Any 2 EA




Auto fast quotes FIX API + +  +
Discounts for owners  New Hope MT4/MT5/cTrader 300$ 300$  300$
Technical support + +  +
Free updates + +  +
Discounts for additional licenses 15% 15%  20%
Number of licenses 1 1  2
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