New Hope EA is a high-frequency trading robot, working on arbitration strategy. The trading adviser receives quotes from the supplier (automatically come from our servers) and, with a big discrepancy of the price with the broker, opens the deal. Due to the fact that we know where the price will go - trade is reduced to the correct setting of the adviser. New Hope EA was developed in the summer of 2013 and then finalized and updated. The main problem of the first versions is the customer search for data from a fast quotation provider. At the moment, everything is fully automated, you only need to choose the source of quick quotes you are interested in and include trade.

The product consists of two parts: the most advisor for MT4, MT5 or cTrader and the quotation server. Quotation server is a multi-threaded program that sends quick quotes to advisers. There is an opportunity to choose for you a convenient source of quotations, as different brokers may have different conditions. Experience shows that often each broker needs his own individual approach, so we connect many sources of quotes:

cqgRithmic LogoLmaxiqfeed logoBarclays
In the fourth generation of the Expert Advisor, the system of cycles was reworked, which greatly reduced the load on the server, added the functions of holding and controlling the transaction relatively fast quotes, developed auto-correction of quotes during trading, and much more.

The advisor works without any support programs to receive quotes. The bot connects itself and receives all the data from our servers. Due to this, we reduced the delay in the transmission of ticks, as well as the load on the ears.

A new info panel was developed, as the accumulated experience has shown that it is necessary to quickly obtain information about the order without switching to the experts tab. You can see the entry time, slippage, closing time, slippage and much more.

info panel

In 2018, we developed a full-fledged New Hope Clicker. It goes as a separate product.. Now, in addition to Meta Trader 4,Meta Trader 5 or cTrader, you can get trading signals to any platform or browser as a mouse click. The use of this option carries a number of conditions. For correct operation, please read the instructions.
When you purchase, you receive an advisor to New Hope EA and automatic flows of fast suppliers. You can simultaneously trade in any number of brokers on one computer or vps without binding the hardware. Our support will always help to resolve any of your questions.

Variants of offers

  MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5 cTrader Any 2 EA All 3 EA
Price 600$/BTC 600$/BTC 600$/BTC 1000$/BTC 1500$/BTC
Automatic quotations FIX API + + + + +
New Hope Clicker 300$ 300$ 300$ 200$ 200$
Technical support + + + + +
Free updates + + + + +
Discount for additional licenses 15% 15% 15% 20% 20%

Number of licenses



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