Our company has been in the HFT trade for more than 6 years and a lot of VPS and VDS rental companies have been verified. Almost all servers that are provided for trading have a huge overload of power. Any normal VPS for HFT trading costs from 80 pounds and up. At the time of publication of news delays can reach up to 30-100 ms. This is a lot.

We rented HFT VPS in a data center LD4 with cross-connections and even there there are delays and losses in power. There, the price is too high only for the name of the data center by 50-60 pounds. Of course, this is better than cheap VPS in a regular company.

The only way out would be to install our servers and start working through them, as well as create good conditions for our clients.

To solve this problem, we first transferred the quotation distribution server and conducted a comparative analysis. Then they transferred you to this distribution server. Many customers have already turned to us with reports of improved trading. When we created a VPS on the same server, we saw that the rate of receiving quotes and signal processing has increased.

Currently, using our servers, you get:

- fast quotes within one data center without delays

- VPS corresponding to the declared power

- improved processing of quotes and sending orders for 10-80 ms

- VPS is configured for HFT trading (network card and processor)

We warn that the number of VPS is limited, since 1 powerful server is now installed. Then 1 more will be installed and further on as needed, but it will take time.

If you want to rent a VPS, then you can contact support.